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    Formosa Trail 2017 headband

    unisex 50x8cm Formosa Trail 2017 headband

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    Gurney Goo

    Further. Faster. Easier

    Helps prevent: Chafing / Blisters / Pruning

    Blister Prevention

    You’ll know the frustration when your adventure, race or training session is limited, shortened or painful due to something that could have been avoided.

    1. Chafing :   rubbing and friction from clothing, straps and equipment.
    2. Blisters:    painful bubbles from rubbing.
    3. Pruning / trench foot:   wrinkling and softening of skin from being continuously wet. Extreme pruning leads to trench foot which is debilitating.
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    TBR singlet

    Limited edition of TBR singlet “Do Epic Shit”

    • Very light singlet good for track training or marathon races
    • Durable material Venti130

    Men and Women shape and size, please be sure with your size or rather contact us.

    not rated 1,500 NT$ 1,100 NT$