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    FENIX HL15

    Fenix HL15 Headlamp (2x AAA)

    The Fenix HL15 headlamp is designed with the runner in mind. This headlamp is equipped with a reflective headband that directs sweat away from your eyes, a neutral white LED for better color rendering and two red LEDs for better night vision or to use as a flashing alert.

    Protected by its IP67 dustproof and water resistance, and powered by two AAA batteries, this light-weight headlamp is perfect for running on the road in any condition.

    • Max Lumens: 200
    • 60-degree tilt mechanism adjusts the beam when needed
    • Two independent switches, can be used simultaneously
    • Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and quality plastics
    • Dedicated headband with reflective lines and silicon gel
    • Intelligent overheat protection
    • Red light for night vision and alerting


    • Headlamp Size:
      • Length: 2.5” (63mm)
      • Width: 1.6” (41.5mm)
      • Height: 1.4” (35mm)
    • Headlamp Weight: 2.1 oz. (60g) excluding battery
    • Batteries: Two AAA batteries (included)
    • Included: Two AAA Alkaline batteries, spare O-ring

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    Fenix HL26R USB Rechargeable Headlamp

    he HL26R rechargeable headlamp is designed with those that appreciate a lightweight, compact design. Spotlight and a floodlight are easily accessed through its dual switches, allowing optimal lighting for any situation. Easily keep your headlamp charged with its built-in rechargeable battery via the Micro-USB port and included USB charging cable.

    The HL26R is equipped with a reflective anti-slip headband that also directs sweat away from your eyes. The Fenix HL26R headlamp is ultra-lightweight, can withstand heavy rain, is dust proof and designed for those with endurance situations in mind.

    • max 450 lumen output from a built-in 1600mAh Li-polymer battery
    • Seven modes including four brightness levels in spotlight mode, two levels in floodlight mode and S.O.S.
    • Two separate switches control the spotlight and floodlight modes
    • Up to 6 hours of runtime from a single charge while on high mode
    • Reflective anti-slip headband includes a silicone sweat guard to keep sweat out of your eyes
    • Micro USB charging port, USB charging cable included


    • Headlamp Size:
      • Length: 2.56” (65mm)
      • Width: 1.73” (44mm)
      • Height: 1.46” (37mm)
    • Headlamp Weight: 3.03 oz. (86g) including battery
    • Batteries: Built-in 1600mAh Li-polymer battery
    • Included: USB charging cable

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    Formosa Trail 2017 headband

    unisex 50x8cm Formosa Trail 2017 headband

    not rated 300 NT$ 200 NT$
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    Formosa Trail Jersey

    Limited edition of Formosa Trail jersey.

    Very fit shape with front zip, colar and three back pockets. Provide comfort during trail running. Technical material Venti130, different from TBR jersey.

    • Full length standard zipper
    • Low collar
    • Back pockets (3 pockets on adult sizes)
    • Elastic silicone anti-slip band at waist
    • Durable material Venti 130

    Size is same as for TBR jersey.Men and Women shape and size, please be sure with your size or rather contact us.

    not rated 1,800 NT$ 1,600 NT$
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    TAILWIND Endurance Fuel 耐力燃料

    All you need, all day. Really.

    Tailwind mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!

    not rated 105 NT$1,650 NT$
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    TBR singlet

    Limited edition of TBR singlet “Do Epic Shit”

    • Very light singlet good for track training or marathon races
    • Durable material Venti130

    Men and Women shape and size, please be sure with your size or rather contact us.

    not rated 1,300 NT$ 1,200 NT$